Tarmeko LPD OÜ is a production company that is situated in Tartumaa. The company is specialised mainly on the production of form pressed birch plywood components. Mostly Tarmeko uses birch plywood, but in the selection, one can see also oak, beech, walnut and other top veneers. In Tarmeko LPD there are over 95 people, who work on two- or three-dimensional component production. The company exports to many countries in Europe and Asia. In the product portfolio are children and office furniture but also furniture components.
The main product line for Tarmeko LPD are furniture components like a chair- and table legs, armchairs, bed legs, chair frames, backs and seats – everything you can do from bent plywood.

Machinery and technology

In the production process, mainly CNC benches, innovative robots and other equipment is used, which make the production more effective and sustainable. Some pictures of the production are shown below:

Quality control policy

Tarmeko LPD OÜ has developed, documented and made our own quality control system according to the EVS-EN ISO 9001:2008 standard requirements. By filling all the arrangements installed by management system the company can provide that the system will be effective for a long time period.

With the competition these days it is only possible to sell products, which are of the highest quality. In Tarmeko LPD OÜ production process are being used efficient methods and techniques. The management system is being renewed regularly and improved according to the company's development and client's needs. Respective guidelines and orders help to back these processes.

1. To consistently improve the quality control system.
2. To follow the requirements approved by the clients.
3. To use environmentally and human health wise safe technologies.
4.  To follow sustainable development principles.