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Tarmeko Pehmemööbel at the Dubai furniture fair

It has been a while since we last exhibited at a fair. That is why Tarmeko team decided to share our impressions of the Dubai fair. From 18th to 20th September took place the Dubai Hotel Show, where a lot of Tarmeko furniture pieces were presented. Like you can see from the picture above, we took to Dubai our sofa Chesterfield, Curve, armchair York and some children furniture pieces. 

Just like Dubai, the fair is very diverse and fancy, one might even say extravagant. What event is this Hotel Show? It's a magnificent fair, which has given for the 17th time an overview of the hospitality sector: interior, lighting, construction and everything else that is important in this field. Companies from all over the world participate. This fair is directed to business customers and in the year 2016, the fair had 17000 visitors. To read more about the fair, please click here.

It is probably right to say that from Dubai have come to a lot of innovative and new ideas, which have influenced the hotel industry a lot. Parallel to Dubai, the Hotel Show has also grown and become more important. Managers, designers and hotel personnel - all of whom can be found at the fair getting to know the latest trends, new products and ideas that will influence the hotel sector in the future. 

This was a short (but informative!) overview of the Dubai fair. Tarmeko team hopes that you liked it and that next week we can present something interesting for you to read.