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Photoshoot at Tarmeko (03.04.2018)

One picture says more than a thousand words. So true! Tarmeko has a lot of new (but also old forgotten) products that we wish to promote and sell in Estonia and foreign countries. But for that, we would need a lot of pictures. That is why we had another photoshoot at the office in April. This time the selection of models (read: products) was quite remarkable. But the more exact info is given below:
Pippa table with Regio maps finished with clear lacquer. It forms a set with Teddy, Pippa or Tommy chairs.
Regio world map with flags and together with playful animations
Regio is a company that does not need much introduction. Tarmeko got the opportunity to work together with Regio during what playful tables were developed: Pippa table with the world map and Tommy table with the world flags. Why not teach the toddlers at a young age, where is China, Mexico or the big and infamous Russia or Australia? Not to mention the fact that the Estonian flag is very recognisable amongst other yellow-red-black-green combinations. Out flag stands out! 

Together with our children's furniture, we also made pictures of our Tarmeko Nordic products. Carsten Buhl designed a new chair NO37 for Tarmeko, which is an elegant addition with its bent plywood details to the living room or public space area but one could even use it at home in the comfort of your living room. The chair is made out of birch plywood but it can also be with oak top veneer. As a cover, a variety of fabrics and leather can be used. As you can see - there are a lot of choices! 
NO37 with birch and oak, on the left with fabric, on the right with leather

In addition to NO37, we also took pictures of our older (but favourite) models. For example Zürich: this product is very popular in the Scandinavian countries, especially in Sweden. In the cold weather, a lot of people wish to feel warm and comfortable and our Zürich chair with sheepskin provides just that to the customer. That is why we photographed a new popular version of Zürich: easy chair + footstool with grey sheepskin and black frame (the frame top veneer is oak). Today also white wax frames with elegant leathers are a must. Sounds interesting? The products can be seen below. 

Zürich easy chair + footstool with black frame oak top veneer frame + grey sheepskin

Zürich easy chair + footstool white wax with oak top veneer and brown leather
A completely own category form the pictures of the sofas we produce. For example, the new model Forssa, is designed by Carlos Guijarro. The sofa is compact but at the same time practical and elegant. This sofa makes the room cosy and comfortable!
Forssa 2-seater, with fabric

If you have any questions regarding the plywood chairs then please contact us at If you have any questions regarding our sofas then please contact us at

All photos are from Tarmeko Photo Gallery.