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Furniture for the Montessori schools

Tarmeko LPD products can be seen in the French Montessori schools

Tarmeko LPD sells furniture in Estonia but also abroad. Some time ago, Tarmeko had a great opportunity to develop a cooperation with two Montessori schools in France. These schools are ment for children with special needs. We sent the customers our Tommy and Pippa collection chairs and tables. We modified the collections to adjust it to the requirements for Montessori schools and that the toddlers would have no problem using the products themselves. What was the end result can be seen below. 

The schools that Tarmeko worked together were La Caravelle Montessori School and MONTESSORI 21 Paris Jaurès. These new young two schools are situated in Paris. For Caravelle we modified the Pippa table measures. For Montessori 21 the Tommy tables were made stackable and the chairs had a modified handle. 

It is important for Tarmeko that we offer flexible solutions and ideas that suit our customers starting with big resellers to smaller organizations or end-customers. This project was very important for us since we had the chance to help small children by making their studing environment better. In addition, we found a new and interesting field to work in.

What do you think of our new modified products?

La Caravelle school's Pippa table and chairs; source: La Caravelle school gallery

Montessori 21 school's Tommy chairs and tables; source: Tarmeko gallery