Tarmeko, once a little woodworking cartel, was founded 1947 in an Estonian city called Tartu in order to carry out a dream - to create and manufacture design furniture. By putting together the best qualities of wood, natural veneer and elegant style, Tarmeko has throughout these years left a unique mark on the Estonian furniture industry.

Today Tarmeko is a family-owned company. With seven decades of experience, our fine craftsmen have obtained the skills to combine the heritage of natural veneers with innovative woodworking technology. Together with the Scandinavian designers the trade mark Tarmeko Nordic® was created - a new contemporary expression, yet with the classical touch, to fit the modern environment. 

Tarmeko LPD presents the collection of timelessly elegant and stylish relax chairs, sets and other smaller articles, designed to suit cosy home interiors as well as modern public spaces. The products are mainly made out of form-pressed (also known as bent or laminated) birch plywood, but one can also use other top veneers like oak, walnut, beech.

Our models are presented in our latest catalogues, which can be found here.

Parallel to our collection Tarmeko can offer the possibility to create office and living room furniture or even interior design elements. To see some of our references and what we can offer, please visit the page "Subcontracting".

To take a look at our Tarmeko Nordic products, visit the page "Products". If something is to your liking or you have an overall inquiry, please do not hesitate to ask us on the email sales@tarmeko.ee or to fill in the inquiry form. 

Take also a look at our children furniture products -  Tarmeko Kids®!